Breaking the Silence

The theme for the 2018 Women’s History Month in March is “Nevertheless She Persisted.”  This is especially significant considering the many revelations of misbehavior by individuals in power over the past several months. Stories of harassment and intimidation are not new but the almost daily new revelations are showing women how to find the strength to speak up. 

If you would like to go beyond the headlines, you can find much to inspire you in these important titles:

Yikes! Teams!

Are you on a team in your workplace? Does it drive you crazy or delight you? Whether you’re the leader of the team, the backbone of the team or the skeptic on the margins, we’ve got some food for thought for you: over 50 books on the subject of teams in the workplace. Something for everybody!

Can’t figure out why your team isn’t rocking as well as the other team? Try “The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups” by Daniel Coyle just out this year.

Children's Rhymes and Fingerplays to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Fingerplays - or short rhymes using fingers, hands, and other parts of the body - are a fun and active way to engage with your child, but they are so much more than just that! Fingerplay rhymes are a beneficial tool in helping support young children in early learning. The motions help children sharpen those fine motor skills as they match and mirror the movements; the repetition of words and rhymes feed into an understanding of language and rhythm, and the interactive nature of the fingerplays strengthen social and emotional bonds between invested adults and children.


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