Top Children's books for 2017

I have always associated the holidays with books. (Okay, I associate A LOT of things with books!) As a kid, I would spend holiday vacations from school devouring as many books as I could before school resumed. I still have fond memories of curling up with a good book, while the smell of delicious food and the laughter of loved ones drifted by. As an adult, I miss having that leisurely time come December, but I still try to make time for reading and for sharing books with those I love.

Road Trips

Road trips have always appealed to me. One reason for this appeal was my mom's love of driving, which took us on trips across the West. My mom was very proud of the fact she bought her first car - a '38 Chevy - when she was 20 years old. Her own mother never did learn to drive. To my mother, a car meant freedom and opportunity and that attitude rubbed off on me. Road trips - especially long road trips - an offer time to contemplate life and plan for the future. The freedom of driving and making a road trip can have great significance in a person's life.


Do you know how much money using the library has saved you? I know how much it's saved me!  $2,495.84!  That’s how much I would have paid if I purchased every one of the 475 items I’ve borrowed for work and personal use. And I’m not an outlier here. The average amount saved the Little Boston Library staff is over $2,000. One staff person has saved over $3,350! 

The Gift of Readiness

Kindergarten is unique in that students are often encouraged to learn through play. Mitchel Resnick states in his recent book, "Lifelong Kindergarten," that the rest of our learning - and indeed the rest of our life - should be a bit more playful like the earliest years of our learning. At home and in other informal learning environments, you can create engaging, creative learning opportunities.

Connecting as One Community

Ever since Seattle Public Library started the trend in 1998, the phenomenon of One Book, One Community reading programs has grown steadily across the country. Over the last 10 years, Kitsap Regional Library has supported this community-based reading initiative as a way to bring people together through the reading and discussion of a common book. Unquestionably, this program promotes literacy and deepens an appreciation of reading, but, most importantly, it allows people to share their personal experiences while reading the same book and really talking and communicating with each other.


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