Dive into Something New!

Fall is a magical time of year. Students of all ages return to school, nights lengthen, the weather changes seemingly overnight and life returns to a somewhat  more predictable rhythm (especially if one has school-aged children).

Fall is also an excellent time to try/learn something new. Our society tends to emphasize new things in January, but fall can be a wonderful time of new beginnings as well. After all, learning something new can be especially rewarding as the nights get colder and longer.

Grown-Ups, Let's Give the Kids a Little Summer Learning Competition

As we edge toward the end of summer (North Kitsap School District students start school again on August 31) library staff has been delighted by a steady stream of children who have completed their ten hours of reading for Summer Learning. Nothing makes us happier than getting to talk with the sometimes shy, sometimes not so shy, young people who patiently wait in line in order to proudly show staff their completed trackers and receive their prizes- a book and a Kitsap County Fair ticket.


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