The Gift of Readiness

Kindergarten is unique in that students are often encouraged to learn through play. Mitchel Resnick states in his recent book, "Lifelong Kindergarten," that the rest of our learning - and indeed the rest of our life - should be a bit more playful like the earliest years of our learning. At home and in other informal learning environments, you can create engaging, creative learning opportunities.

New Online Registration for Library Events

Are you looking for a way to keep up with all of the awesome and engaging programs that we offer here at Kitsap Regional Library? Look no further than our new online registration feature!  The Spring 2017 edition of  Inspire will be released soon, but until then you can browse through our online calendar for exciting events near you. To gear up for spring events, I created a guide below for using our new online registration system. Not all events require registration, but for those that do, I recommend using this guide to make registering for the events online a breeze!

The Art of Hip Hop

On January 27th at the Coffee Oasis, a group of highly talented youth will take the stage to perform original songs at The Art of Hip Hop concert. The Art of Hip Hop class has given unique opportunities to teens at Coffee Oasis and Kitsap Regional Library since 2015. The class was featured last year in the Kitsap Sun and has been running strong through 2016. The class is lead by local rap talent, Darrell Thomas, the Outreach Director of Coffee Oasis-- or as we know him, Smiley D, fam!  Darrell and the group of teens work for 6 months to create original songs.

Keepin' it Lit

The leaves are falling, school has started, and you've got a brutal list of assigned reading books a mile long. Looks can be deceiving though—did you know that some of your assignments might have been banned books at one point in time? That's right! The readings your instructors are encouraging you to explore are well worth the effort because many of them were penned by literary rock stars who broke all the rules!


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