2019 Program Schedule

The programs are varied and include question/answer sessions and lectures, both by outside speakers and by our own members. The programs begin at 1 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except for November and December.

January-February Flyer

Jan 23 (Wed) WEBINAR: Discovering Your Family History with MyHeritage's Unique Technologies
Feb 27 (Wed) Lecture: Using the Washington State Archives

March-May Flyer

Mar 27 (Wed) Lecture: Research Techniques
Apr 24 (Wed) Lecture: Germanic Immigration in the 1800s
May 22 (Wed) Lecture: The Constitutional Convention of 1787 

June-August Flyer

Jun 26 (Wed) Lecture: Censational Census Strategies with Mary Kircher Roddy
Jul 31 (Wed) Lecture:  Fraternal Orders with Elisabeth Demmon
Aug 28 (Wed) Lecture: Using the Wiki on FamilySearch with Jolene Aichtson

September-November Flyer

Sep 25 (Wed)  Lecture: Overcoming the Boulders on the Way to the Cemetery with Jerri McCoy
Oct 23 (Wed)  Lecture:   Unraveling Family Myths Using the Principles of Logic with Jill Morelli
Nov 20 (Wed)  Lecture: George and Martha Washington, The Early Years with Vern Frykholm